SMBA Fall/Winter League Registration

Updated Thursday July 5, 2018 by Saskatoon Minor Basketball.

Our SMBA Fall/Winter league games will start October 13th 2018.

The registration process for our Fall league all happens through the community association you live in or the community association that your child goes to school in. If your community does not offer basketball please register in the next closest community association that does offer basketball. 

For all information about registration we use the Saskatoon Leisure guide that comes out mid August. If you do not get one delivered to your home you can download it at

Some communities offer online registrations and some offer in person. Most online registrations will begin mid to late August and most in person registrations will be the first two weeks of September. The Leisure guide or community website will have the exact dates. The in person registration is usually only night during the first two weeks of September but sometimes can be two nights. 

Costs vary between all community associations as they set their own prices. We do not set them and cannot tell you how much the fees will be. 


Our fall league does not allow players to play anywhere in the city. You must register in the community that you live in or the community that your child goes to school in. 

If you register on a team that has too many players or not enough you may be moved to another team to make sure all players have equal opportunity to play.

If you would like to contact a coordinator for more information you can find their contact information here: Not all communities have a coordinator, this also may mean they do not offer basketball. Check the community website to see for sure. 

If you would like to volunteer to be a community Coordinator for your community, if one does not exist, please check your community association website for a contact person. 

If registration is missed for your community association you can attend the Late Registration night held at Beford Road Collegiate on Tuesday, September 18th at 7pm. It will run until 8:30pm. Only use this as a last resort. If you wait until this night to register you will likely not get on your community team and be transfered to another community to play. This will not be a choice as you will be moved to a team that needs players if your team is full. 

If you have any other questions about registration please email Randi at